BFP4F wallhack worked may 2012
BFP4F Mem hack from Kryonix for Battlefield Play4Free
Author: Kryonix
Маленький валхак показывает ники врагов. Используйте свой инжектор и уникальное имя файла, пока не засвечен.
Не имеет защиты блокировки PunkBuster

Here is a little memory hack for all you BFP4f players. Includes Nametags and minimap. DOES NOT INCLUDE A PBSS BLOCKER!!
Solution = toggle nametags when needed (middle mouse button) or don't use the tags at all.

This method is undetected at the moment, but use at your own risk. You will need an injector to use this cheat.

Rename the .dll for obvious reasons. Toggle nametags = Middle mouse button.

Big Dave


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