IVS 3D Fledermaus Professional v7.0.1d.323
IVS 3D Fledermaus Professional v7.0.1d.323

3D Fledermaus Pro - трехмерная система визуализации данных, которая использует самые передовые технологии, использующиеся для добавления сложных районов с учетом редактирования модуля, кабеля и планирования маршрута, в реальном времени отслеживая объекты. 3D Fledermaus Pro 7 используется в различных приложениях, таких, как редактирование и контроль качества, морское строительство, военное применение, картографирование.

IVS 3D's flagship Fledermaus product line is used worldwide by commercial, academic and military clients. They use the software to interact with massive geographical datasets of numerous data types for ocean mapping and land based projects. The intuitive 3D display
and interaction allows clients to rapidly gain insight and extract more information from their underlying data. This provides our clients with added value in data processing efficiency, quality control accuracy, data analysis completeness, and project integration, which promotes clear communication. The extensive functionality of Fledermaus allows its use across many phases of a project from the planning, processing and QC, through to analysis and production of images, plots and animations.

* Содержит все 3D Стандарты визуализации
* Добавление мощных районов с учетом редактирования модуль для обработки данных из самых разнообразных многолучевой, отдельный луч, ЛИДАР, или другие форматы данных.
* Поддержка CUBE основан статистической обработки основан при поддержке за неопределенности поверхностей, погрешности моделирования, а также многочисленные гипотезы редактирование, QC, а также анализа.
* Направление позицию дистанционно управляемых транспортных средств, АПА, или другими транспортными средствами и визуализации объектов в реальном времени в 3D сцены.
* План маршрутов трубопроводов и кабелей
* Выполняйте сложные функции в статистическом анализе многолучевого обследования в целях обеспечения данных

Display scales automatically from high-end to low-end systems using the powerful ShiftScapeTM rendering engine.
Multiple data sets and types of different resolution can be visualized and interactively explored at the same time.
Integrated support for very large data sets.
All data sets can be geo-referenced in the 3D scene.
Users can interactively query data sets to select coordinates for profiles and measurements.
Advanced object oriented architecture allows easy integration of new data types into the system.
Explorations can be recorded and used to create movies of data exploration sessions.
Visualizations can be displayed in 3D stereo with suitable graphics hardware.
Software and data files can be used across wide variety of computer platforms from laptops to large immersive visualization systems.

Data Types
Digital elevation models.
Gridded and un-gridded geo-spatial data.
Seismic sub-surface data.
Imagery such as maps, charts, aerial photos, still or mosaic video imagery, and satellite imagery.
Images as flat geo-referenced 2D plane, draped on surface or vertical images.
Measurement planes and grids.
DXF CAD format.
Solid model 3DS or OBJ files.
Animated surfaces.
ArcView data (shape files, grids, and imagery).
Various multibeam sonar data and processing formats - GSF, CARIS HDCS, SHOALS, HTF, and ASCII.

Data Capacity
Integrated support for very large data sets.
Data set size not limited by software.

Data Processing
Software allows for the importing of numerous surface data formats including ASCII xyz and gridded data, GMT GRD/NetCDF, Etopo2 and 5, USGS DEM, NOAA Gravity database, Grass, binary raster data, DTED, Arcview, ERMapper, and many others.
Gridding application for random point XYZ and attribute data.

New data formats are easily added.
Surfaces are colour coded by height, depth or any other attribute (such as imagery) that can be draped over a DTM.
Contour generation and output including labels.

Gradient tools.
Surface difference and volume computation tool.

Histogram tools.
Output of ASCII XYZ files of gridded surface and line objects

Output of images, map sheets and movies.
Manipulate georeferenced imagery including cropping, resizing, etc.

3D Visualization
Multiple data sets of differing types and resolution can be visualized and explored at the same time.
No need to resample to a single resolution, data loaded at native resolution.
All data sets can be geo-referenced.
Drape 2D point, line and polygon objects to the 3D surface.
Users can interactively select data points to get geo-referenced 3D co-ordinates and perform profiling.
Advanced object oriented architecture allows easy integration of new data types into the software.

2D Visualization
Color-coding can be interactively designed or modified by the user.
Surfaces are illuminated with an artificial lighting and have cast shadows.
Allows exploration of the data with continuous zoom and translation abilities.
Provides profiling, histogram and other tools to analyze the surface data.
Users can interactively select data points to get geo-referenced 3D co-ordinates and perform profiling.

Movie Making Tools
Exploration flights path recorded in Fledermaus and associated package of tools to produce digital movies.
Output movies in MPEG1 or MPEG2 format, or as raw frames.

Computer Platforms
Linux and Windows NT/2000/XP PCs with suitable graphics support for OpenGL.
Macintosh computers running OS X.

Год выпуска / Release year: 2009
Разработчик / Developer: www.ivs3d.com
Платформа / Platform: x86
ОС / OS: Windows All
Язык / Language: Английский (English)
Размер / Size: 71.37 Mb
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