Corel MediaOne Plus v2.0
Corel MediaOne Plus v2.0

Corel MediaOne Plus - приложение для организации, редактирования и обмена фотографиями и видеоклипами. Corel MediaOne Plus - это не что иное, как улучшенная версия программы Snapfire Plus. MediaOne Plus отличается тем, что теперь пользователи могут работать с видеоклипами и комбинировать фото и видео в рамках одного проекта, например, в слайд-шоу или цифровом альбоме. Пользователи могут вставлять эффекты перехода, добавлять к проектам фоновую музыку, записывать их на CD или DVD. Кроме этого, в программу включен сервис Sharpcast, который обеспечивает резервное копирование данных и сохранение их в интернете.

Corel MediaOne Plus v2.0

Corel MediaOne Plus v2.0

Corel MediaOne Plus v2.0

Corel MediaOne Plus software : Corel Corporation, a leading developer of graphics, productivity, and digital media software, announced the launch of Corel MediaOne Plus, the newest release from Corel's expanded digital media portfolio. The best choice for point-and-shoot digital camera users who want to express their creativity as well as organize, edit and share their photos and video clips, Corel MediaOne Plus is the fast, fun and easy photo and video software. With easy-to-use tools for photo retouching, effortless organization, simple video editing and automatic online backup and sharing from Sharpcast, Corel MediaOne Plus is the ideal software solution to enrich the way consumers live, work and play.

Photo - Improve and enhance your pictures in an instant
- Download photos automatically as soon as you plug in your camera
- View and search photos by date taken, file size, file name and more
- Rotate, crop, resize and fix red eye easily
- Fix brightness, color and contrast in one click
- Convert pictures to black and white or add picture frames and text
- Remove blemishes, whiten teeth or paint on a sun tan

Video - Download, view, trim and show off your video clips
- Download video clips from your camera to your computer automatically
- Watch video clips as a thumbnail or full screen
- Trim the unwanted portions of your clip
- Save individual video frames as a still picture
- Turn basic video clips into music videos or sentimental tributes

Create - Make scrapbooks, collages, calendars and more
- Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed creative templates - including templates from Sandra Magsamen and Smilebox
- Drag and drop photos into scrapbooks, collages, calendars, greeting cards and more
- Make multimedia slide shows using photos, videos and music you choose
- Turn slide shows into a DVD you can watch on your TV

Share - Email, print or make slide shows of your memories
- Email photos as attachments, embedded in emails or as slide shows
- Play a full screen photo or video show on your computer
- Get perfect prints every time or in any size - no paper wasted
- Save photos or video clips to a CD or DVD and send to friends and family

Protect - Back up photos online automatically powered by Sharpcast
- Back up your entire photo collection online, automatically
- New photos are instantly sent to your online archive
- Recover all your photos easily in case of a hard drive failure
- Keep your photo and video collection safe on CD or DVD

Информация о программе
Название: Corel MediaOne Plus v2.0
ОС / OS: Windows XP / VISTA / 7-?
Язык / Language: Английский / English
Лекарство/Medical: присутствутет
Размер / Size: 256 Mb

Скачать: Corel MediaOne Plus v2.0
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